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As we have 20 years' experience in advertising and souvenir business, we can confidently say that a gift issue is one of the most common problems for a company. This problem becomes a true pain in the head for the assistants, advertising directors and other employees who are responsible for finding "something but I don’t know what" or "you are my right-hand man, do your best!" Everyone gets crazy trying to stay on budget and when the boss turns down another bronze horse or the Alexander Column, you get uncomfortable and start to panic. It is time to pay attention to our ideas.
Good memories are very valuable. Every business had its starting point. We are able to recreate the beginning! The first store, the first restaurant, the first car service or office in the basement. What about the first warehouse and shop, ruined plant or factory, or a building site, where it all began? Diorama with a delicate execution of the details, with some humorous or even sarcastic elements that you can be proud of, will be an elegant decoration of the chief’s office or conference room. It can be a perfect gift for the partners, significant clients or important contractors, as well.
If you are a dealer of the world-known brand and you sweat on the promotion, put a diorama in the shop to highlight the firmness and steadfastness of the company. The diorama will show how the brand looked like 50 years ago and it will seem like the brand exists forever. When the Development Director comes from the headquarters, one will definitely pay attention to the diorama, and then the Board of directors will discuss an ambiguous chief who respects the history of the brand.

If your business is only coming into being — our diorama would be a perfect gift for cooperation anniversary or one's birthday. It will certainly win one's stone heart and give a chance to prove — you are the best.

To ease the process of comprehension and realization of your idea we suggest meeting and personal demonstration of the various completed dioramas to choose the ones that suit your taste.
Remember how it all began ..
At us at firm - drunkenness fight!
Worked day and night!
Nostalgia comes with the time. Sometimes we desire to look through the old album full of pictures with people who are, perhaps, no longer there. That is how we fall into recollections.

Grandparents' cottage I used to visit on vacation. The street of a small town I passed on my way to school. The church where my parents got married and I was christened. This is my motherland. Everyone has one’s own native place! But what if it is possible to materialize the memories and the photo turns into diorama? If you have the old photos, the miracle can happen and the wonderful diorama will decorate your office or living room. Your children and grandchildren are going to admire the part of your family history they inherit.

We can collect the archive information and people’s recollections to make the diorama reconstruct the dearest place as much as possible.

There are no boundaries in the modern world. Take a plane and you will get to any place on the planet in a few hours. Every day we are moved forward by the desire to see and comprehend something new.

There are places that will stay forever in your heart. The ancient bridge where you made Her a proposal. The island where you spent your honeymoon. The temple in the mountains where you cognized the meaning of life. Safari in Africa and miraculous rescue from the furious rhinoceros. Your first shipwreck diving. Or maybe the conquest of the peak you can’t stop thinking about? The ride at Nürburgring you dreamt about since childhood?

Life inevitably goes forward and sometimes you don’t have an opportunity to visit the important place from your past. Photos and videos remind you about it but they can’t give you the feeling of the miracle you saw. Let’s create the volumetric image — the event diorama! It is possible to frozen the moment and create an amazing gift that will impress your beloved. From now on you will never forget that love is beyond time and every dream comes true.

Моя невеста на карете приехала!
Это не фотография моря, а море на диораме
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