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Do you want to organize the unforgettable party for your kid, one’s friends and even their parents? We can build a railway or a highway the size of which will be limited only by your apartment! The train will take the passengers on a ride through different cities and fantastic worlds full of castles, mountains and valleys with the final stop at the School of Witchcraft! Thematic railway can be connected with the particular epoch or geographical location. The detailed execution of the rolling stock and other objects will correspond to the conditions of the time and place.

The Monaco Formula One motor race goes through the town. Let’s build it! Perhaps you will see your friends watching the race from the balcony? You will never forget it! We can also send the space crew to the far away planet in order to explore the surface and find extraterrestrial life. Let the young explorers drive a space car!

A big diorama with movable elements. The merging of scenery, architecture and technics in order to play and study. Geography, the history of technical development, mechanics and electronics. We can think it out together and create the most unique play area!

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