Once on a business trip in Germany I saw a diorama made by an old German craftsman. It made a great impression on me and I got crazy about dioramas. I had an idea to try my hand at the new hobby. After a lot of traveling across Europe, I got absorbed into the art of creating dioramas. I got acquainted with the experienced craftsmen who became my friends afterwards. I studied their work and took part in the workshops. I also examined all the researches on this topic, which are quite few in number.

Yuri Kovalev
The main theme of the art of dioramas is connected with military-historical events. However, I got interested in other topic. Diorama "Hotel among Ice-Fields" appeared as the first attempt. This piece became the first in the "Castles and Fortresses" series. Some household dioramas and "Monasteries and Temples" series were created later on.

These days there are more than 30 dioramas in my gallery. All of them are made on a scale of 1:87.

A few years ago, my friends and I decided to create a Studio. Our friendly team consists of the three masters of their work. Juriy Kovalev is a serious person and the craftsman of dioramas. Stanislav Kretov is not serious but he is our chief and a development leader who solves complex and non-typical problems. Ekaterina Verhovskaya is also a serious lady responsible for work with the agencies and corporate clients. We are happy to help you design the most extraordinary idea of diorama and to create the most unusual and unique gift.

We also offer the restoration and reconstruction services of any kinds of dioramas.

Friendly staff: Yuri Kovalev, Stanislav Kretov and Ekaterina Verkhovskaya
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